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The Marisa house is located high up at almost 1700m above sea level, embedded in the breathtaking landscape of the Chã Das Caldeiras crater level. Central between the two villages Patela and Bangaeira that have grown together

The house is a very successful combination of original Cape Verdean charm and professional hospitality. The young hostess Marisa has already gained more than 10 years of experience in gastronomy and, above all, offers exquisite cuisine.

After an apprenticeship with a French chef, she knows how to add the right portion of finesse to traditional, very digestible Cape Verdean cuisine and also creates many of her dishes herself.

Chã das Caldeiras crater plain

10 rooms all with private shower / toilet 22 beds

Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be booked for up to 50 people

Cooking is in Marisa’s blood. She was given the right hand in the cradle and she refined the technique with a French chef for 8 years. During this time, she cooked in the Padra Brabo at Chã Das Caldeiras, a restaurant that also enjoys an excellent reputation across the island.

Many people go the long way to enjoy dinner on the plateau. The culinary art of the young cook Marisa has been in the foreground for years.

When Marisa is in the kitchen, culinary delights are conjured up. The Cape Verdean cuisine is given a refined French accent. The fresh ingredients, almost all from the plateau and exquisite fish from the Atlantic around the island, are prepared in a varied style.

The young cook's own creations, such as the excellent dessert “Lava de Vulkan” (see current background image) are worth asking.
Enjoy the food at the Chã Das Caldeiras at Marisa and experience a culinary highlight. However, with a cozy, homely atmosphere. Marisa wrote “Vous Etes Chez Vous” about your entrance for a reason.

different types of tea, the famous Fogo coffee and all kinds of alcoholic beverages.

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