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Eugénio Tavares House Museum And Morna Study Center

Brava, Cape Verde

The Casa Museu Eugénio Tavares and Centro de Estudios da Morna is a museum of personality, focused on themes related to the figure of Eugénio Tavares, his personal, professional and intellectual training, his relationship with the island of Brava and his contribution to enrichment Cape Verde's intellectual and cultural heritage. Likewise, the space is dedicated to the study of the theme of morna as a Cape Verdean musical genre and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The collection of the Casa Museu Eugénio Tavares has a historical, ethnographic and anthropological theme, from the 19th and 20th centuries, and the exhibition presented is of long duration, the result of the research work that sought to bring to public knowledge the outstanding aspects of life and work by Eugénio Tavares, with the island of Brava as the stage, as well as the other contributions he made to the affirmation of Cape Verdean culture, namely in the promotion of Creole as a mother tongue.

The Casa Museu Eugénio Tavares and Centro de Estudos da Morna, being installed on an island and in a community very close to the legacy that the poet left, assumes the important role of dialogue and respect for the diversity of Bravense culture, in a perspective of education, awareness and inclusion of all social strata of the island in its process of dynamism and sustainable development.

A museum of this dimension, whose collection and expository narrative are aimed at portraying the environment it lived in, its influence on intellectual production and the way of being and being of a person, the main message is the importance of safeguarding the historical memory of Eugénio Tavares and of the socio-anthropological aspects of the island of Brava, with a view to transmitting it to the new generations and enjoying it for leisure and development of the territory.

In addition to the internationalization of the musical genre “rainha di nos terra”, the classification praises the work of all who play, sing and compose the morna, and who have contributed to making it an Intangible Cultural Heritage today.

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