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National Parks Of Cape Verde

Serra Malagueta, Santiago, Cape Verde

Cape Verde may be known for its beaches, deserts, and volcanic landscapes, but the archipelago is also home to flourishing, lush, and vibrantly coloured vegetation. Here, we take a look at some of the places where you can immerse yourself in the flora and fauna of the Islands.

Serra Malagueta National Park

Situated on the Island of Santiago, Serra Malagueta National Park lies in the northern mountain region. Wonderful flora and fauna are one of the main attractions, with different varieties than the other national parks on Cape Verde. As the exclusive home to vervet monkeys and the rare, endemic Cape Verde purple heron (or garça vermelha), these are species to look out for. The park also boasts some of the last forest areas on the Island.

At 774 hectares and with Monte Malaguets reaching 1062 metres high, the park is a great attraction for hikers. There are tracks of up to 55km suitable for various abilities, from beginners through to experienced walkers.

Fogo National Park

The Fogo volcano lies within the national park, and at 2829 metres, it’s the highest point of all the Islands in the Cape Verde archipelago. The volcano remains active, last erupting in 2014, when it destroyed the park’s headquarters. Towns and villages were cut off as lava damaged the roads. Nevertheless, like the other national parks in Cape Verde, it provides an interesting ecosystem and a haven for hikers who take on the challenge of reaching the ‘Pico do Fogo’.

The volcano area of Fogo is an Important Bird Area. Key bird species are Fea's petrel, Boyd's shearwater and Cape Verde swift.

Monte Gordo National Park

The Monte Gordo National Park is one of the places we feature in our blog on The Natural Wonders of Cape Verde. At 952 hectares, the park’s offerings are diverse for nature enthusiasts and hikers alike. Within the park itself, there are different climates, ranging from very dry in the north and northwest to wet areas in the south and southeast, where many varieties of moss grow.

Those wishing to experience superb views from the top of Monte Gordo can start their ascent at 600 metres from the village of Cachaço. After hiking up through small villages on the inactive volcano, the summit is at 1300 metres. On a clear day, the Islands of Sao Vicente, Santo Antao, and Santa Luzia can be seen.

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