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Ribeira Brava De São Nicolau

São Nicolau, Cape Verde

The village of Ribeira Brava de São Nicolau, one of the oldest in Cape Verde, was the first to be classified as a Historic Center, through Resolution No. 54/2010 of 18 October.

The village of Ribeira Brava, also popularly known (in Creole) as Stanxa (from Portuguese Estância), is the seat of the municipality of the same name. It has a population of 4 892 inhabitants. It owes its name to the impetuous aspect of its riverside during rainy seasons.

Founded in 1731, it has a peculiar architectural feature that characterizes it and is a testament to the history and experience of the inhabitants of the island, in particular, and Cape Verde in general. This moth is significant. Its narrow streets, lined with houses of ancient architecture, demand a moment of contemplation and admiration from visitors.

Its monuments are distinguished by their importance, art and beauty. Special mention should be made of the Mother Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário, the building of the Seminary - Lyceum that was a beacon of culture in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the Central School that dates from 1947, the majestic bust of Dr. Júlio José Dias who it allowed his house to be transformed into the Seminar, and so many other patrimonial elements that enhance the island and Cape Verde.

It should be noted that Vila da Ribeira Brava even hosted the headquarters of the Diocese and, from a cultural point of view, it was a laboratory for religious, academic and humanistic training of a plethora of important figures who, both in the pre-clarified period, as well as in the clarified and in the post-clarified, they helped to shape and interpret the soul and the Cape Verdean feeling, they helped in the formation of the Islamic conscience, as well as in the “ideal of setting your feet on the ground”.

Due to its historical and patrimonial value, Vila da Ribeira Brava is part of the pantheon of national heritage assets

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